Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goji Berry In India

We Provide Goji Berry In India . Goji Berry is a Fruit which is mostly found in Tibat , China and other Himalayas areas .Goji Berry is also called Wolf Berry and other names.

We sell dried Goji Berry in India .Goji Berry is an anti oxidant , anti aging, anti diabetes , anti cancer and it boosts your immune system and fertility .It maintains your youth.It reduces extra cholesterol and reduces fatness. Its called Elixir of Youth.

Its a fruit its not a medicine any one can use this life time . Its not too costly.

You can get 1kg Goji Berry only in 4000 INR .We delivery Goji Berry in all over the India. NRI people who lives in other countries can order us via paypal and we can deliver it in India .

Minimum order for Goji Berry is 1kg . and we do not provideany sample. You can google about goji berry if you want to know more about its benefits. 

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We send the Goji Berry Via courier.You can order us now . For order Call us at 09136075049  or email you inquiry at

You can pay us via Netbanking , Paypal , Liberty Reserve or You can do cash deposit.

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